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Sweet and tasteful in the mouth followed by a smooth finish. In order to achieve this flavor this sake is produced with a unique method with a special type of rice. The sweet flavour appeals even to those who usually like dry sake. Grand Gold Medal in the Japan Fine Sake Awards 2018. Perfect as an aperitif or a digestive.

Shinsen Junmai Ginjo Umakuchi 720ml

42,00 €Price
  • Higashi Sake Brewery, Ishikawa Japan

    This traditional brewery was founded in Komatsu City in 1860. The family owned brewery can produce only a limited quantity, however they always have been passionate about brewing sake in the best quality for the last 150 years. The historical and beautiful premises where sake is brewed and the family lives have been registered as one of the tangible cultural properties since 2009. The brand name Shinsen means “the spring of God”.

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