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This junmai ginjo is made from 100% of Ishikawa's own sake rice, Ishikawa Sake No. 68: nicknamed 'Hyakumangoku no Shiro'. It has an airy taste with a lighter touch than the standard Okunoto Shirakiku Junmai Ginjo (Gohyakumangoku x Yamadanishiki) and is characterised by the clean acidity of the No. 7 yeast.

Okunoto no Shiragiku Junmai Ginjo Hyakumangoku no Shiro 720ml

47,00 €Price
  • Hakuto Sake Brewery, Ishikawa Japan
    The brewery was founded as a shipping agency in the early 18th century and began to make sake in the mid-19th century. The ninth generation owner studied zymology at university. He and his wife are now committed to producing delicious high quality sake.
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