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Full-body and semi-dry, aged aroma from "Yamahai Method". This sake goes very well especially with meat dishes. Brewed carefully with high-quality sake rice and pure groundwater from Mt. Hakusan by the traditional craftmanship of Noto Toji.

Jokigen Yamahai Junmai 720ml

41,00 €Price
  • Kano Sake Brewery, Ishikawa Japan

    Founded in 1819, the premium quality sake from this brewery is made with Yamadanishiki or Gohyakumangoku sake rice and pure groundwater from Mt. Hakusan drawn from Shiromizu no ido (Well of Shiromizu). The brewery also cultivates Yamadanishiki sake rice in its proprietary paddy fields. With its commitment to the traditional yamahai production process handed down since ancient times. the sake from this brewery has a growing fan base with its superlative, well rounded taste and flavour. It has won a range of gold medals at different sake competitions.

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