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Gentle and lively. A full body sake with rich flavor of rice. If you try it cold or at room temperature, you won’t be able to stop sipping it.

Chikuha Junmaishu 720ml

37,00 €Price
  • Kazuma Sake brewery, Ishikawa Japan

    Since this historical brewery was established in 1869 in Noto, the sake masters of the Noto-school have been proudly producing the sake of the highest quality solely with rice and water from Noto. The fifth managing director, Kaichiro Kazuma, became the youngest director of a sake brewery in all of Japan when he took over the company at the age of 24. Sake from Kazuma Brewery was chosen as one of the four representative brands at “Madrid Fusion”, an international gastronomy congress in Spain, and has received high evaluations by professional cooks.

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